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Articles and academic texts (as part of my undergraduate and graduation courses) I’ve produced so far.

Getting started with ESP32 and MicroPython

In this article I’m going to share my first experience playing with ESP32 microcontroller and MicroPython language. The main goal here is to setup the whole environment for development, sharing the steps taken to run my first program, because you know, sometimes even the most straight forward task can be very tricky to acomplish.

Full text: English.

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Considerations on Cyber Security in Automotive Embedded Systems.

Text produced as part of my post-graduation (specialization) in embedded systems for automotive industry.

Research on the cyber security applied to the automotive embedded systems. Based on the literature review, the main concepts related with the automotive systems and networks are presented, focusing their main characteristics, use and the impact of security on systems, users, companies and governments as well.

The security of embedded automotive systems is addressed through the construction and analysis of a threat model, offering a practical overview of the concepts presented. Lastly are presented cases of vulnerabilities and security attacks to the automotive embedded systems.

Full text: Portuguese.

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Embedded System for Power Quality Monitoring

Text produced as part of my graduation (BS) in electrical engineering.

This project presents the development and construction of an embedded system that monitors the various aspects that impacts on power quality in a single-phase electrical installation, in order to characterize the performance of this installation based on parameters established by the PRODIST document, prepared by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL).

The developed system consists of a first electronics instrumentation stage for conditioning and measuring of voltage, current and frequency signals, followed by sampling, analog-to-digital conversion and finally the data processing for information presentation.

By building the prototype it was possible to perform measurements, obtaining as the results the performance characterization for the monitored electrical installation through the power quality indicators established by PRODIST.

Full text: Portuguese.

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